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Chicago Bulls’ Offense Is Broken, Tom Thibodeau Must Bench John Lucas III

The Chicago Bulls offense is just flat out broken. It is as simple as that. Since MVP Derrick Rose has gone down, the Bulls have averaged 40 percent from the field, scored 83 PPG and are 0-2. Not many people could have imagined an implosion this devastating even after Rose was sidelined for the season. How have the Bulls gone from a […]

NBA Free Agency: 5 Free Agents Who Will Get the Chicago Bulls to the NBA Finals

The Chicago Bulls were the most impressive team during the 2010-11 regular season, with their NBA-best 62-20 record. The problem came when MVP Derrick Rose struggled in the postseason. He had to battle double teams and inconsistent play from teammates, not to mention the fact that he was shooting poorly. The Bulls faltered in the Eastern Conference Finals, losing to […]

NBA Playoffs 2011: The Chicago Bulls Keys to Winning the NBA Finals

On paper, the Chicago Bulls won easily 4-1 versus the Indiana Pacers in the first round of this year’s playoffs. For those who watched the series, it was anything but easy. Four of the five games came down to the final minutes of the game, and the Bulls had to rely on MVPDerrick Rose to save the day. In their […]

NBA 2011: Denver Nuggets and the Top 10 Balanced Scoring Teams

More so  than in past years, this season has been dominated by top scoring duos and trios, which works well for some of the elite teams. But where are the basketball “teams”? The big three in Miami of Wade, James, and Bosh combine for 71 PPG. In Chicago Rose, Boozer, and Deng average 60.5 PPG, […]

2011 NBA Playoffs: 5 Reasons Why This Finals Run Will Be the Best in Years

The 2010-2011 playoffs will be one of the best postseasons in years. It has all the makings to be entertaining, exciting and shocking. There are young stars who are dominating like Derrick Rose, and older players who are still playing elite basketball like Kobe Bryant. Who will bring home the crown? Here are five reasons […]

Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant

Follow me on Twitter @ToTheMax15 It has come to my attention that some people are confused about the greatness of Michael Jordan. MJ is the greatest basketball player to ever set foot on the face of the planet. There are many names tossed around when the discussion of the greatest basketball player ever is brought […]

Chicago Bulls: Are Derrick Rose and Tom Thibodeau the New Jordan and Jackson ?

It is very early to compare the young Derrick Rose and coach Tom Thibodeau to the greatest NBA player to ever walk the earth in Michael Jordan, and arguably the greatest coach of all-time in Phil Jackson, but their talent and drive is certainly reminiscent of a young Michael and Phil. Rose is becoming more confident and talented […]