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Chicago Bears: 5 Must-Win Games Remaining on Bears’ Schedule

The Chicago Bears are sitting 4-3, and currently hold the sixth NFC playoff spot.  While their record is not ideal, they have only lost to teams that have a combined 17-4 record, that is extremely impressive.

The Bears have the toughest part of their schedule behind them, now they face a mixture of some difficult teams, and some “gimme” games they should easily win.

Although sometimes these “gimme” games are not easy at all, as the Bears learned last season, losing to the Washington Redskins and Seattle Seahawks.

WEEK 9 at Philadelphia Eagles 

The Eagles will remember their beat down at Soldier Field last season, when the Bears dominated, and Mike Vick threw his first interception of the season.

The Eagles might (cont’d)






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NFL Playoff Race: Predicting NFC North Standings and Chicago Bears Record

The Chicago Bears came up huge this weekend in a must-win game against theTampa Bay Buccaneers in London.

The Bears already have three losses in the NFC and will most likely need to have the edge in a tiebreaker to make the playoffs.

I do not think there is any question the Packers are going to dethrone the Bears as NFC North champions.

As a result, Chicago will need to get in the playoffs as a wild card team.

It is great the Bears have beaten the Atlanta Falcons and now the Tampa Bay Bucs, because those are two teams who will be contenders for wild card positions as well.

In order to do make the playoffs, the Bears are going to need an 11-5 record to get in outright or  a 10-6 record to get in with help from other teams.

Which means the Bears will need to finish the season 7-2 to solidify a spot in the playoffs.

Here is a look at how I think the NFC North will look at the end of the season.

4. Minnesota Vikings

There will not be any arguing here, except maybe by some Vikings fans.

But their is no chance (cont’d)

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Occupy Wall Street: Time for #OWS Protesters to take Responsibility

The Occupy Wall Street or #OWS movement is sweeping the nation, and the globe.  This movement started in New York and has now spread to 1,500 cities around the world. I have no problem with people protesting because they care about the direction of their country, and want to have their opinions heard. What I do have a problem with is the fact that these protesters are blaming everyone else for the economy without taking any responsibility for their actions.

#OWS has some legitmate complaints, but there are also many that are either ridiculous or just not true. Their”demands” are all over the board, and Wall Street has little power over most of their issues.

Just lumping together everything you’re upset about, and yelling at Wall Street is not going to solve anything. #OWS’ main complaint is that powerful companies are controlling the United States politics. I think the thing to do here would be to vote for someone you believe in, or vote at all. Less than 51 percent of eligible voters between the ages of 18-24 voted on the presidential election in 2008, and that was when voting was  “in”.I do not think anyone has a right to complain if they do not vote, but that is another issue.

Have we been tricked and swindled by “Wall Street”? To some extent yes, but every person has access, and the capabilities of knowing what they are doing and making informed decisions.

Whose fault is it when you purchase a 400,000 dollar home when you can clearly only afford a 200,000 dollar home? People who did this were told that they would be able to afford these homes with ARM (adjustable rate mortgages), but that is not an excuse. Hasn’t your mother been telling you since you could understand words that you cannot trust everything you are told/read?

People have to look at their cash flow, income, debts, assets, etc and understand what they can and cannot afford.

I have very little pity for someone who makes huge financial decisions without discerning for themselves (or seeking advice from someone who is not trying to profit off them)  if they are making the best possible decision.

This brings me to the topic that I am most upset and enraged by; students complaining about their debt or the inability to find a job.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand fully how difficult it is to get a good job, “good” being the opportune word. There is not a shortage of part-time or low paying jobs, but most college graduates see these jobs as beneath them. They want a job making 50k plus with benefits right out of the gate. They believe since they put in four years of extra school they are automatically entitled to better jobs immediately. They don’t want to take what they learned in school to help them excel in their careers, they believe their diploma should do that for them.

They fail to understand that finding a good job is difficult because of our economy, they want to blame someone for not finding a job that doesn’t exist. It is not Wall Streets fault that your pride is preventing you from getting a job to begin to pay off your debt.

On the OccupyWallStreet.org website, they have a link in their About Us section, “We are the 99%“. There are pictures and stories about how Wall Street is ruining their lives.

Here is an example that made me laugh, sick, and sad all at the same time.

His sign reads:

” I am 18-year-old college student pursuing a B.A. in sociology. It costs me $40,000 per year to attend my dream school.  I can’t afford a third year. But nothing can stop me. Happiness > Money I am the 99%”

This is what his sign says to me.

“I did not properly map out how I was going to pay for school. I got good grades in high school so I could attend my top college choice, even though I could not afford it. I could have got a great education at an affordable school, but I got great grades, a community college is beneath me. Well I guess I will just go into tremendous amounts of debt instead of starting off my adult life with a fiscally responsible decision. I can’t go wrong borrowing, I’ll just pay it all off when I get a job in four years, the economy has to be better by then.  My emotions > my brain.”

One of the points on #OWS’s declaration is “They have held students hostage with tens of thousands of dollars of debt on education, which is itself a human right.”.

NO, higher education is not a human right, it is not a right at all. Food, shelter, safety are rights, but going 100k in debt to go to your “dream” school is the furthest thing from a right, it is a privilege. Sadly not everyone has equal privileges, but that is part of living in a free market and the United States.

I feel bad for students like this. They excelled in high school and the media and their parents told them if they didn’t go to a school that costs as much as a nice home they would have no chance in life.

I understand how they are feeling, they just graduated with their Bachelor’s Degrees, and don’t want to take a job making $10.00 per hour, but tough shit. You’re an adult now, you are going to have to do things you do not want to do. If you want to live on your own, take a job you hate that pays the bills. Or live at home until you can afford to move out, but don’t complain that no one will give you a job.

So in conclusion, #OWS protesters need to have realistic expectations, change their focus towards people that will listen to them / can help them invoke change (i.e. not wall street), and take some responsibility for their own actions and the actions of their fellow Americans.


By: Max G. Mickey

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7 Current Chicago Bears Destined To Finish as All-Time Franchise Greats

The 2011 Chicago Bears are just 2-3, and their chances of making the playoffs are bleak. The Bears are very poor at several positions, but the truth is they have several players that are outstanding.

The Bears are one of the oldest and most historic franchises in the NFL with greats like Walter Payton, George Halas, Sid Luckman, Gale Sayers and “Da Coach” Mike Ditka.

So it is saying something if we have current Bears who will finish their careers on the same level as these greats.

I don’t think this current Bears team will be doing a Super Bowl shuffle anytime soon, but with a few decent wide receivers and an offensive line it is very possible.

Here are seven players who will go down in Chicago Bears history as greats at their positions.

Robbie Gould

Saying Robbie Gould is as good as gold is an understatement. Robbie Gould is the already the best Bears kicker ever, and he is the third-most accurate kicker in the history of the NFL at 86.2 percent.

Robbie Gould is 169-for-196 on field-goal attempts, and (cont’d)


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Chicago Bears: 5 Ways To Fix Their Sinking Ship

The Chicago Bears are 2-3, and are four games behind the undefeated Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions with a head to head losses to each team.

This is not the position that the defending NFC North champs thought they would be in. It is only Week 6, and their season is effectively over.

They do have a slim chance at making the playoffs, but the Bears will not get to the postseason unless they can win 11 games, which means finishing the season 9-2. With their offensive line woes, and the way the defense has been playing, I doubt this is possible.

The Bears’ only chance at making a playoff run is making some changes and shaking it up.

Here are five ways the Bears could try and fix their season.


Lovie needs to sit down and tell Martz, “Listen, Mike, it was a good try, but it’s not working out. You are doing nowhere near as well as expected, and your crazy system is causing the downfall of our team. Thanks for trying.”

Martz’s offense just (cont’d)

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NBA Lockout 2011: NBA Players Need to Compromise with Owners

NBA players and owners have not reached a deal yet to end the lockout. Things have improved, and they are currently meeting, but things not looking great.

Today, NBA players have gone to social media to drum up support. They are tweeting “Let us play #standunited.”

Players such as Derek Fisher, Carlos Boozer, Chris PaulLeBron James and many others have sent out this tweet to their followers. Terrence Williams even tweeted, “Let us play” 10 times in one tweet to emphasis his point.


The players are trying to portrays themselves in a light to show they want nothing more than to play basketball, but actions speak louder than words, and money speaks the loudest.

Technically the owners locked out the players, but it was because the players are getting a disproportional amount of BRI (basketball-related income), and a new deal needed to get made.

I believe the players (cont’d)




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Rajon Rondo: Could 2011 NBA Lockout Force Boston Celtics PG into the NFL?

The 2011 NBA lockout has left NBA players with quite a bit of free time on their hands. Some have chosen to risk injury and play overseas like Deron Williams and Ron Artest, while others like Zach Randolph have just gotten into trouble.

An Interesting idea for some players would be to play another sport. Many NBA players have played other sports at high levels, and could transition if they so chose.

The Boston Celtics’ Rajon Rondo might be able to make the transition. He played quarterback in high school, and recently posted on his Twitter and Facebook accounts a video of himself catching passes.

Rondo tweeted (cont’d)