Power Rankings

2011 NFL Power Rankings: Preseason

At the beginning of every season, each team believes they are good enough to reach the Super Bowl. And each year, most of the NFL team’s bubbles are burst a few weeks into the season, whether that is due to injury or lack of wins. In reality, there are probably about six to 10 teams that are […]

2011 NFL Playoff Power Rankings

1.  New England Patriots 14-2 – Best record in the NFL. Brady MVP. Looking like a true Super Bowl Championship team. 2. Pittsburgh Steelers 12-4 – Number 1 defense in the playoffs + great running back + great quarterback = Super Bowl contenders. 3. Atlanta Falcons 13-3 – Best Team in the NFC. But that conference […]

2010 NFL Power Rankings: Week 11

MIKE VICK!!!!!!! Biggest Gainer: Patriots, Chargers ↑ 5 Biggest Loser: Chiefs ↓5 1. Atlanta Falcons 7-2 (4) If you take down the number one team, you become the number one team. 2. New York Jets 7-2 (5) Have squeaked out two close wins back to back against below average teams. 3. New England Patriots 7-2 […]

2010 NFL Power Rankings

Week 10 No one can stay atop the Power Rankings. The top of the power rankings is close. You gotta win to stay up there. Biggest Gainer: Browns↑ 6 Biggest Loser: Colts, Pats ↓7 1. Baltimore Ravens 6-2 (5) Flacco has quietly been a top 5 QB. 2. New York Giants 6-2 (6) The Giants […]

Week 8 NFL Power Rankings

Who would have guessed that after 7 weeks the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers would be 4-2? Biggest Gainer: Kansas City Chiefs ↑ 6 Biggest Loser: Chicago Bears ↓6 1. Pittsburgh Steelers 5-1 (1) The Steelers got lucky because the dolphins defense won that game. 2. New York Jets 5-1 (2) Jets shouldn’t have trouble defeating the […]

2010 NFL Power Rankings Week 7

A few teams are starting to pull away from the pack, but there are still 11 teams with 4 wins. The elite teams will be emerging soon. Biggest Gainer:  Seahawks, Rams, Vikings ↑ 6 Biggest Loser:  Buccaneers, Packers ↓5 1. Pittsburgh Steelers 4-1 (2) Big Ben and the Steelers are rolling, but the Miami Dolphins could derail them this week. […]

2010 NFL Power Rankings

Week 6 The 72’ Dolphins can celebrate, all the undefeated teams are no more, and several pre season playoff picks are at or near the bottom of their divisions. Biggest Gainer: Jaguars, Titans ↑ 8 Biggest Loser: Packers, Cowboys ↓8 1. Baltimore Ravens 4-1 (6) The Ravens are starting to click on offense and are […]