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Chicago Bulls’ Offense Is Broken, Tom Thibodeau Must Bench John Lucas III

The Chicago Bulls offense is just flat out broken. It is as simple as that.

Since MVP Derrick Rose has gone down, the Bulls have averaged 40 percent from the field, scored 83 PPG and are 0-2. Not many people could have imagined an implosion this devastating even after Rose was sidelined for the season.

How have the Bulls gone from a championship contender to a possible first-round exit with just the loss of one player?

It is because they are beyond lost on offense without their leader, and Coach Thibodeau is grasping at straws trying to get a lineup on the court that can score. C.J. Watson is the best point guard on the Bulls’ roster; unfortunately, he is banged up. C.J. started off the season very hot and was top 10 in three-point shooting, but due to a myriad of injuries, he is not playing anywhere near that level and just looks tired and deflated.

So who have the Bulls asked to attempt to step into Derrick’s shoes? John Lucas III. On paper John Lucas III has been pretty impressive. He averaged over 10 PPG in Rose’s absence in the regular season, but what the stats do not show is how Lucas destroys the offensive flow the second he walks onto the court.

Lucas is listed as 5’11”, but is not an inch over 5’9″. He plays point guard not because he can run an offense or get his teammates involved, but solely (cont’d)


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