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Cutler’s Groove & Bears Eagles Notes:Chicago Bears: 7 Bold Predictions for Week 9 Game vs. the Philadelphia Eagles

The Chicago Bears face perhaps one of the biggest games of the seasons this Monday night against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Bears are 4-3, the Eagles are 3-4 and each team will be clawing to rise above a .500 record.

The Bears had a bye week to prepare for LeSean McCoy and co.—and yes it is McCoy’s team, not Mike Vick’s—and the Eagles are coming off a dominating performance over division rival, the Dallas Cowboys.

In recent weeks, the Bears have shown they can be as good as the 2010 Bears that made it to the NFC championship game.  Likewise, the Eagles have shown that their preseason tag of “the dream team” might not be that far off base.

This game will have huge playoff implications, and will be an extremely exciting matchup.


The Philadelphia Eagles have a fast defense, but they gamble, so Cutler will get yards. The Eagles give up the 10th highest passer rating in the NFL at 88.2, which is higher than Cutler’s average of 84.0.

The Eagles are getting into a groove, so this game will most likely end up being a shootout. Both the Eagles and the Bears will be throwing all night.

I won’t be surprised if (cont’d)


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