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2011 NBA Playoffs: 5 Reasons Why This Finals Run Will Be the Best in Years

The 2010-2011 playoffs will be one of the best postseasons in years. It has all the makings to be entertaining, exciting and shocking.

There are young stars who are dominating like Derrick Rose, and older players who are still playing elite basketball like Kobe Bryant.

Who will bring home the crown?

Here are five reasons why this NBA postseason will be one of the greatest in recent memory.

1. Balanced East Vs. West

For years, the NBA Finals have been dominated by Western Conference. Since Michael Jordan hung up his Chicago Bulls jersey, the Western Conference is 9-3 versus the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals.

This season, there has been a power shift. The East is just as strong as the West.

The East is stronger even, because ( Cont’d)




One comment on “2011 NBA Playoffs: 5 Reasons Why This Finals Run Will Be the Best in Years

  1. I can’t wait for the playoffs to start up. This is my favorite time of year, just kicking back and watching the magic in the glorious HD I get as a DISH customer/employee. I’d like the Nuggets to bring it home to Denver since I’m in the Mile High. But smart money begrudgingly goes to the Lakers, although I hate Kobe more than the United Hotel maids of America does. If not the Nuggs I’d like to see the Celtics bring the trophy back to Beantown, or to see Chicago finally gain some post-Jordan Glory. Really, anyone but the Lakers or the Heat…though I don’t think much of Miami’s chances…they are way over-rated, their huge loss to the Cavs proved that. Get them to slow down and play a half-court game and they crumble…of course, not all teams can slow down their FB, so I’m betting Lebron gets as far as the second or third round before his team implodes.

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