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Chicago Bulls’ Offense Is Broken, Tom Thibodeau Must Bench John Lucas III

The Chicago Bulls offense is just flat out broken. It is as simple as that.

Since MVP Derrick Rose has gone down, the Bulls have averaged 40 percent from the field, scored 83 PPG and are 0-2. Not many people could have imagined an implosion this devastating even after Rose was sidelined for the season.

How have the Bulls gone from a championship contender to a possible first-round exit with just the loss of one player?

It is because they are beyond lost on offense without their leader, and Coach Thibodeau is grasping at straws trying to get a lineup on the court that can score. C.J. Watson is the best point guard on the Bulls’ roster; unfortunately, he is banged up. C.J. started off the season very hot and was top 10 in three-point shooting, but due to a myriad of injuries, he is not playing anywhere near that level and just looks tired and deflated.

So who have the Bulls asked to attempt to step into Derrick’s shoes? John Lucas III. On paper John Lucas III has been pretty impressive. He averaged over 10 PPG in Rose’s absence in the regular season, but what the stats do not show is how Lucas destroys the offensive flow the second he walks onto the court.

Lucas is listed as 5’11”, but is not an inch over 5’9″. He plays point guard not because he can run an offense or get his teammates involved, but solely (cont’d)

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Actor/ NBA look-alikes: Cress Williams and DeAndre Jordan

Am I the only one that thinks that Cress Williams (Wyatt from Prison Break) and DeAndre Jordan look alike? When they both have beards they look more similar, but I think there is some solid resemblance.  Also if you have not watched Prison Break, do it.  It is on Netflix, and it is amazing.

Tell me what you think about Cress on DeAndre on Twitter @ToTheMax15

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Bulls’ Derrick Rose out with Torn ACL: City of Chicago Mourns

Words cannot fully express the anguish that the city of Chicago is feeling right now. Derrick Rose is a not just an NBA star, he is not just a Chicago star, but rather he is Chicago. 

As Derrick lay of the floor clutching his knee Bulls fans everywhere were clutching their hearts and praying that his injury was not serious. They pleaded with him to bounce back up as he always does. Unfortunately he did not pop back up and had to be helped off the court. Hours later we found out the devastating news, Derrick Rose has torn his left ACL.

It is believed that Derrick will be out anywhere from 6-10 months. He will not be able to represent his country this summer in the Olympics, and will not be back until around January of next season. This bleak timetable has him missing not only this season, but a good portion of next season as well. 

The most frightening part of this nightmare for Bulls fans is Derrick might never regain the quickness and explosiveness that has allowed him to excel in the NBA and become an MVP. It was rumored that “a source” close to Derrick said to “expect him to be a more traditional PG”. I honestly think this is the fear talking, but it is a very long road just to get back to his pre-knee injury self. 

This is terrifying to Bulls fans not because the chances of winning a championship have plummeted this season and next, but because Derrick Rose is beloved by the city of Chicago and they don’t want to see him in pain. Chicago is one of the proudest sports cities in the world. Here it is difficult to become loved, and nearly impossible to stay there. Chicago can turn on it’s own stars in the blink of an eye if they are not winning, but Derrick Rose is different.

Yes Derrick Rose has done nothing but win during his tenure in Chicago, but he is loved because he is home grown, plays hard every single second, and he loves Chicago back. Derrick is not only one of the most humble men in the NBA, but he is one of the most humble athletes in professional sports. Is he perfect? No, but even if you have only ever seen him play on television you feel as if you know him. He cares about his team, he cares about his family, and he cares about his friends. 

Derrick Rose- Heart, Hustle, and Muscle.

Derrick Rose has heart. 

This was evident when he could barely speak during his MVP speech in 2011 when he was thanking his mother for all she did, and told her, “we made it”. It is also so easy to love him because of how much his teammates care for him. A few hours after the Bulls victory over the 76ers and his injury Kyle Korver posted on facebook.com about the injury.

In part of his post he said, “Derrick is more than an MVP to our team. He’s our friend, our brother he inspires us to be the very best we can be, just by who he is and how hard he plays. That he has spent so much time this year hurt, was frustrating. Now that he is out for the rest of the season, well its just plain sad. No one is to blame; what happened, did. We send him our prayers, our love, our good wishes that he heals and comes back stronger, better, healthier than ever before.”

The city has seen enough heartbreak from the Cubs to Jay Cutler’s injuries, and Chicago needs Derrick Rose. From the bottom of the hearts of all Bulls fans and Derrick Rose fans we hope he bounces back from this like he does from all his injuries, and can return quickly to his MVP form. 

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NBA Lockout: 5 Chicago Bulls Who Could Play for the Chicago Bears

The possibility of watching NBA basketball in 2011-2012 is very unlikely.

The NBA players have rejected the owners last offer of a 50/50 split of BRI. The players are in the process of decertifying, and will be pressing charges against the league tomorrow morning.

What does all this mean for fans? NBA fans will have to be satisfied with college basketball this year.

What does this mean for players? The players are going to have a lot of free time on their hands. Some will join their fellow brethren and head overseas to play basketball, but maybe some could hop into the NFL and help out a team making a playoff push?

Obviously there are probably only a handful of current NBA players who would even have a chance at making an NFL team, let alone actually play for one. The conditioning and training for basketball and football are vastly different, and this scenario is highly unlikely.

Though, it is interesting to speculate what NBA players could play in the NFL.

Here is a look at five Chicago Bulls and how could they fit into the Chicago Bears roster.

Kurt Thomas

Bulls Position: C

Bears Position: FB

Kurt Thomas aka Big Sexy is a one big man. This 16-year veteran is a 6’9”, 230-lbs beast.

Last season he was the Bulls’ best big man passer. He does an excellent job (cont’d)

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Chicago Bears: 5 Things the Bears Showed Us in Win over the Detroit Lions

The Chicago Bears extended their winning streak to four games, and simultaneously showed the NFL that they are for real via their 37-13 romping of the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

This Chicago Bears team is quite similar to last year’s team that went to the NFC championship game. They both had quiet starts, and hit their stride during mid-season, riding the coattails of the defense and special teams.

The difference this year is that the offense is actually good, they are not a great unit, but they are definetly better than last season.

With each win we continue to learn more about this 2011 team, and this win over the Lions was a great example of how much they have grown.

Jay Cutler Is Tough

When Jay Cutler got injured in the NFC championship game last year and was forced out of the game, he was labeled weak, soft and a quitter.

This infuriated me to no end because it could not be further from the truth.

Let’s look at the facts.

– Jay Cutler plays with (cont’d)

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Chicago Bears: 5 Reasons Why the Bears Will Beat the Detroit Lions

The Chicago Bears are now just two games behind the Detroit Lions, and when the Bears beat the Lions on Sunday they will each be 6-3.

The Lions got the best of the Bears in Week 5 when Jahvid Best and Calvin Johnson both torched them through the air and on the ground with over 100 yards a piece.

This is not going to happen again. The Bears are hungry, are on a hot streak and are ready to defend their home turf.

Here are five reasons why the Bears will win at Soldier Field and send the Lions with their tails between their legs.

Lions Are Banged Up

The Lions are coming off a desperately needed bye week that has helped them heal from some injuries, but are still banged up.

Matthew Stafford is nursing finger and ankle injuries, but (cont’d)

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Cutler’s Groove & Bears Eagles Notes:Chicago Bears: 7 Bold Predictions for Week 9 Game vs. the Philadelphia Eagles

The Chicago Bears face perhaps one of the biggest games of the seasons this Monday night against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Bears are 4-3, the Eagles are 3-4 and each team will be clawing to rise above a .500 record.

The Bears had a bye week to prepare for LeSean McCoy and co.—and yes it is McCoy’s team, not Mike Vick’s—and the Eagles are coming off a dominating performance over division rival, the Dallas Cowboys.

In recent weeks, the Bears have shown they can be as good as the 2010 Bears that made it to the NFC championship game.  Likewise, the Eagles have shown that their preseason tag of “the dream team” might not be that far off base.

This game will have huge playoff implications, and will be an extremely exciting matchup.


The Philadelphia Eagles have a fast defense, but they gamble, so Cutler will get yards. The Eagles give up the 10th highest passer rating in the NFL at 88.2, which is higher than Cutler’s average of 84.0.

The Eagles are getting into a groove, so this game will most likely end up being a shootout. Both the Eagles and the Bears will be throwing all night.

I won’t be surprised if (cont’d)